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We are influenced by Good leaders who leads by good example. Influencing the world online by sharing our life experiences.
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Are you good at creating Engaging and quality content that may become addictive to its readers or viewers?
We Influence Online is networking platform to connect influencers and advertisers and both parties benefit #weinfluence #influencers #promoters #advertisers

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There are many ways of influencing people. The world we live in is shaped by influence. We Influence online is a platform that has a data base of powerful social media influencers and each influencer has more than 10k - 1 million followers on social media. Companies come to this platform looking for influencers that promotes products that falls under their same company category on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Meet My Craft and Instagram.
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Is Connie Chiume in the US to shoot ‘Black Panther’ sequel?
Connie Chiume’s ‘Gomora’ character MamSonto will end up in a coma this August. Could this be because she will be ‘Black Panther 2’ in the US?

It seems actress Connie Chiume who plays the role of MamSonto on Gomora will temporarily exit the show to start shooting Marvel’s Black Panther 2.

The actress just landed in the United States and posted a since deleted picture of herself in Atlanta on her Instagram account this weekend.

Variety reported that the stars of the highly anticipated sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever began production in Atlanta last month (June).
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The world that we live in is either shaped by good or bad influence.
How do you influence?