About Meet My Craft


We are a network of Businesses, families, friends and the best solution to private communication through text, video, Photo and audio. It's now much safer and easier to connect to your nearest businesses of other Business from abroad and connecting with them or building relationships. Posting your craft or work on your business Brand is key to product and company exposure to friends and families on Meet my craft who may eventually become potential customers or clients to your business. 

Connecting with your friends or families from a long distance has not been easy in the past due to the amount of airtime or video calling costs, but through the Meet My Craft Free Video and audio calling you are now free to call your loved ones without worrying about the costs or the number of hours spent on the call because it's free and unlimited.

Live streaming is one of the most important features that help our users to express themselves and showcase their events and activities in real time. Now you can perform live to your fans in real-time also engage with them with conversions whilst steal going live. On your live, you can add moderators that will assist you to banned viewers who may be misbehaving during your live or posting inappropriate content. 

Ecommerce is very essential and of paramount importance in our lives and economy. In our Market place, you can now sell products of your choice and decide whether you want your customer to via directly from the Meet My Craft app or you would like to meet up and exchange money and products. Selling items via live video is Not only convenient but attractive to your customers as they get to see everything about the product that you're selling. You can also add product to market whilst steal on your live video.

Create Teams, Brands and follow business and friends of your choice. Build connections and communicate easier whilst having fun with emojis, stickers and giphy’s.