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How to get your Music Video to TV with GGP TV Airplay

Making a music video takes time, dedication and hard work. In order for one to have a good music video they need to have a good budget for it. After shooting and finalising your music video you feel like a star. Question is how long will it take you to get your music video to TV Channels if you are doing it yourself ?

How long will it take untill you gather funds to pay a publisher or distributor for your music video ?

Well well well !!! 

I would like to recommend to you GGP TV Airplay by Godgiven Prevails Productions, a Music and video distributor to radio and TV. GGP TV Airplay is Reliable, legit and they do their job properly as they make sure that their clients are always kept updated concerning their music videos and some times you get a play schedule that tells you when will your music video play. They have served musicians from nigeria, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, USA and mostly South Africa. 

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Get that music video out there!!!

Godgiven Buthelezi

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